Minister of Gender and Family inaugurates Kurimagu Campaign

Minister of Gender and Family Ms Zenysha Shaheed Zaki has inaugurated the “Kurimagu” campaign, dedicated to women rights and empowerment. The campaign was inaugurated at the opening ceremony of Gender Responsive Budgeting Training programme held in Mookai Hotel, today.

During the ceremony, Minister Zenysha noted that the establishment of Ministry of Gender and Family as a separate entity by a Presidential Order on 22 June 2016 is testament to the priority given by the Government to protect women’s rights and promote gender equality in the Maldives. She also expressed hope that Kurimagu Campaign would play an important role in the advancement of women’s rights in the country.

Minister Zenysha further stated that the campaign involves raising awareness through door-to-door visits, interactive sessions and training programmes as well as workshops to be held in Male and the Atolls.

Kurimagu campaign focuses on the protection of women from domestic violence and promotion of women’s participation in the social, political, economic spheres.


9 August 2016